1. On any ESI phone within the system, press PROG/HELP.
                Note: If using an ESI Feature Phone that has separate PROGRAM and HELP keys, press PROGRAM.
                The normal station programming menu prompt will begin to play.
  1. Stop the prompt by pressing HOLD (or, on an older ESI phone, PARK).
  2. Enter the Administrator password and then press #.
                Note: If this doesn’t admit you to Administrator-level programming (the phone display should show ADMINISTRATOR), contact your ESI Reseller for assistance.
  1. Access Function 14 by pressing 1 4.
                (If the system prompts you to press 1 to set time and date, do so.)
  1. Enter a new time using a twelve-hour format and then press #.
                Example: Enter 1 2 3 3 # for 12:33 or 3 1 5 # for 3:15 (note that you need no leading zero for the time).
  1. Select AM or PM by pressing a scroll key and then #.
  2. When the date appears, either:
  • Press # to accept the currently displayed date as correct;
  • Enter a new date in an eight-digit format, including leading zeroes, and then press # and hang up to finish the entry.

                Example: For March 11, 2009, enter 0 3 1 1 2 0 0 9  # (and, to repeat, leading zeroes are required here, unlike in Step 5).

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